Friday, August 24, 2007

The Western Australia blog had this to say about Pnina:

Pnina Feldman’s ability to raise eleven children and spend a decade as principal of Yeshiva Girls School hints at an energy level a good deal higher than some of the men decorating the boards of major resource companies.

Resources exploring would be a dull business without its many flamboyant players, who cock a snoot at convention as they roll the dice in search of riches. Most of these characters are men, but now there is a women who can stake a claim to being the most flamboyant of all.

Fifty-two year-old Pnina Feldman cheerfully describes herself as a: “housewife and a mother of 11 children” when she floated her Diamond Rose NL on the stock exchange in April last year. The 20 cent shares shot up to $1.75 in early trading. It that was not enough to attract attention, the chairperson rocked up at the Sydney stock exchange flanked by six rabbis, and sporting a platinum wig.

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